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Our Staff


Samaki Imbwa du Nord is our Avian Acquisition Specialist.  Maki’s primary duty is carrying and retrieving things, but she has assumed the temporary duties of Chief of Security.  As a junior member of our health maintenance team, she still performs all the Lab work.


Matilda the Hun(ey) is our receptionist. Tillie came to us from an unknown galaxy, materializing on Earth in the wheelwell of a car in a large office complex.  An accomplished huntress, she provides homeland security against mice and voles.  As head of our health maintenance team, she performs Catscans, and does lap visits.  She oversees the catnip harvest and quality control.


Valkyrie Chipotle du Nord


Valkyrie Chipotle du Nord is our new Avian Acquisition Specialist in training.   Although she is of British stock, we’ll be teaching her to bark in Norwegian.  She was extracted from The Evil Empire where she was being held captive with her litter mates.   Her duties will include the health team’s Lab work, as well as perimeter control with the security detail. 



Phoenix crawled out from our burning brush pile where his feral mother delivered him.

 He never saw his birth mother since he crawled out before his eyes were even open, so he doesn’t know he’s a Cat, and has adopted Maki as his protector.   He smelled like smoke for weeks.  He’s self training as a Homeland Security patrol technician and is taking over as product testing technician for our catnip products. 


Meet our Embryo Production

Team: They consist of Speckled Sussex, Plymouth Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Delaware, Rhode Island Red, Gold Laced Wyandotte, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Black Austrolorp, and Easter Egger hens, plus one ornery rooster.  Their collateral duties include keeping the insect population in check. The rooster’s career path will include providing fly-tying materials.



In Memoriam

Callapooia Rose du Nord: 10/11/2005 – 10/27/2010.  We lost our Chief of Security in October in a heartbreaking misfortune. Callie was beloved by everyone.  Besides being the Earth’s premier retrieving Basset Hound, she kept intruders away and cleaned up the windfall apples.

She was the soul of our staff.


Sydney: May 1995 – 12/5/11

Our eldest staff member succumbed to advanced maturity in December.  Born on the waterfront in Juneau, he held our staff to high standards during his entire lifetime. His product testing skills are legendary on our farm.  He rests with Callie.


Kitty Lu:  December 1999- 6/15/2016

Kitty Lu had a long life and loved her final home here on the farm.   Rescued from a dumpster in sub-zero weather in The Old Country, she was a traveler.  Kitty Lu  lived in Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, and North Carolina before joining our staff.  She rests with Sydney and Callie.



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