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With the chickens, we of course have eggs.  Most of our chickens lay brown eggs of various shades, new in 2016 are our Easter Eggers who lay blue/green eggs.

herb bedHerbs:

We do special order cutting of fresh herbs, including rosemary, thyme, parsley, sages, various mints, horseradish, and occasionally other herbs.  Contact us for availability.


Available early in the year, we have a limited number of herb plants available, including mints (chocolate, pineapple, and spearmint), plus strawberries.  We offer starts of tomatoes, peppers, and some flowers. We will custom grow an obscure variety if you contact us early enough.


We believe we have the best catnip products in Southern Oregon, and we have a money back guarantee on our catnip toys. We have been evolving our own catnip strain, and harvest it at the optimal time to preserve the essential oils. We grow this herb organically.  Our sausage shaped toys (Syndey’s Sizzlers) have a loyal cult following. This shape is proven to be preferred by Cats, as they can hug it and roll with it.  (The cutesy catnip mice you often see are for the owners, not the Cats.  Cats prefer the larger sizes, which are also harder for Bassett Hounds to swallow.  A portion of the proceeds of each toy is donated to the New Beginnings SPCA program.






Few fragrances are 196447_208417072641223_1515525571_nas enchanting as lavender, and processing our harvest is one of the most pleasurable chores in our growing year.  Lavender has a calming effect on humans.

English Lavender (l. angustifolia munstead) is one of the sweetest  lavenders and is the one most commonly used in cooking.  Other lavenders called lavandula  x intermedia such as Provence, are stronger and when used in cooking are best in savory dishes.  In cooking, use 1/3 the quantity of dried lavender flowers than fresh lavender .  Fresh lavender flowers add a beautiful color to salads. Lavender can also be substituted for rosemary in many bread recipes.

We offer culinary lavender, sachets and laundry dryer bags all year long, and seasonally Joni weaves lavender wands.  The scent lasts for years. We have sold quite a few wands for bridesmaids’ bouquets, as well as thoughtful gifts.  Both the wands and sachets do wonderful things in linen closets, under a pillow (induces restful sleep), or in an underwear drawer.  We keep lavender sachets in our vehicles.  Toss a dryer bag in the dryer with your towels and sheets for a lovely light scent.

Re-Purposed (Recycled) Feed Bag Totes:

With Chickens we have feed bags.  What better use than to make grocery totes.  These totes are large and have a convenient zippered or snap  closure pouch for your coupons, cash or keys.  Styles vary but include dog and cat bags, horse and other feed bags as we can find them!

Hand woven Rugs:   rug loom

New to our offerings are a limited number of hand woven rugs.  Joni uses the Pendleton Woolen Mills fabric selvages as well as cotton fabrics to make rugs on her 4 harness rug loom.

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