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Everyone’s favorite vegetable (actually a fruit), tomatoes come in an amazing variety of types and colors.  We grow upwards of 20 varieties most years, including several heirlooms, several paste types, red slicers and beefsteaks, and Green Zebra, Lemon Boy, and three or four cherry tomato varieties.  Our tomatoes have won numerous awards at the Douglas County Master Gardeners Tomato Tasteoff the past two years.  Ripe fruits should be uniformly colored (although some green shoulders may be acceptable on some varieties), be slightly resilient (not hard) when squeezed, and should have a fresh fragrance.  Non-red tomatoes are often lower in acid, which many people prefer.  If you can these low acid types, you will need to either add acid or pressure can them to be safe. Paste tomatoes are less juicy than slicers, and serve better for cooking and dehydrating and salads.  If I were restricted to one tomato for the rest of my life, it would have to be one of the cherry tomato varieties.

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