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On equal footing with peppers as a “be all that you can be” veggie, garlic is essential to civilization as we know it, or at least as it should be. There are two main types of true garlic: Softneck and hardneck.  “Elephant garlic”, is actually a leek, and although large and easy to peel, it has little of the wonderful robust flavor of true garlics. The softnecks store better than hardnecks, and offer a variety of flavors and pungencies. Many types make superior roasting heads. Hardnecks often have larger individual cloves, and offer a greater variety of flavors, but don’t store quite so well. Cooked, the flavor differences are less pronounced.  Raw, you will find the greatest differences in dishes such as pesto, hummus, and salad dressings.  Roasted garlic can be used as a canapé spread, in garlic mashed potatoes, and mixed into cooked veggies.  Garlic is also an effective vampire repellant.

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